Gain control of your heat with thermostatic response or a digital timer while still burning wood! Pellets are a renewable biomass source of heat and can be purchased locally.  Green Energy Options of Keene sells, services, and installs Piazzetta and Ravelli pellet stoves.  The stoves we choose to sell at Green Energy Options are the most efficient and quiet pellet stoves we can find.

Piazzetta stoves are what most pellet stoves are not: quiet, efficient, and reliable. These stoves, even when set on high, barely produce any noise. Having a conversation while sitting next to the stove set on the highest setting is easy. Piazzetta stoves are also easy on the electricity bill. On high, these stoves use about 85 watts when other comparable models use 200-300 watts. In addition to being electrically efficient, the transfer of heat is 90% efficient. Most other pellet stoves currently on the market surprisingly run between 40-65%. What does this mean to you? Higher efficiency means more heat with less fuel. These quiet, efficient stoves are built with the highest quality components which equates to a long-lasting appliance. Come see one in our showroom!

Ravelli stoves are super efficient, quiet and dependable. The company was started in 1970 by Stefano and Diego Ravelli, and in 2015 they sold 60,000 stoves in Europe. These stoves are easy to operate and come with a remote. All stoves have a built in thermostat and can be programmed to go on and off up to 4 times per day. The stoves are available in a variety of body shapes, clad in either steel or ceramic tiles. They are available in many colors at no extra cost.