Wood stoves deliver much more than just environmentally friendly and energy efficient heat. Wood stoves can provide a warm, cozy and romantic atmosphere while cooking during a blackout. 
Pellet stoves provide heat from wood without the mess. Green Energy Options of Keene sells, services, and installs Piazzetta and Ravelli pellet stoves. The stoves we choose to sell at Green Energy Options of Keene are the most efficient and quiet stoves we can find.
Sometimes it’s nice to sit down, turn on the fireplace or stove, and sit and enjoy company, a book, or a meal, without the added trouble of starting a fire. In addition to being convenient, gas stoves and fireplaces are a way to create heat in the event of a power outage.
Are you looking to breathe new life into your old fireplace? Whether you want to install a new fireplace, or fill an old one with an efficient insert, we can help. We have lots of experience in finding the right unit to perfectly fit your fireplace, while observing all building codes and clearances, so that you can burn wood with peace of mind.
We are a full-service stove shop with all the supplies you need to maintain your hearth. We stock gasket, stove cement, glass cleaner and all the products you need to be safe and warm. If we don’t have what you need we are more than happy to order it as quickly as possible with a wide selection of products to choose from.