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Valerie & Pablo

We founded Green Energy Options in 2007 to be a community resource for renewable energy in our community. Our years of off-grid homesteading gave us experience and knowledge that we wanted to pass on. We also have always valued connecting with our community – and this seemed like a great way to do both.

In GEO’s early days, we did it all! Now that we have a great team of employees, our roles have specialized. Valerie: I work the showroom floor, but also focus on business administration, marketing and organizational structure. Pablo: Well, I still do it all! You’ll find me coordinating much of the solar operations, but also giving out advice on all of the products that GEO offers.

Valerie: I love connecting with people in our community, and helping them meet a need. I so often make connections with people that go way beyond just making a sale. Pablo: The people – not just our team and our customers, but I love working with our vendors – learning about their new products, innovations, and ideas.

Valerie: Mini splits! The zero-emission mini-split technology
presents an excellent opportunity to heat (and cool) your home and they are simple to operate and are more efficient (by a factor of three) than conventional electric heating systems. For grid-tied solar consumers, the benefit is even greater. Their simple operation and comfortable atmosphere they create means that they also work great for people who want to stay in their homes even as they grow older or decide that splitting, stacking, and carrying cord wood no longer has its appeal! I love having this option available at our store.
Pablo: I can’t really pick just one — but I do love our RSF fireplaces — these units are such a great consideration to any home renovation or new home construction. They are exceptional
heaters, and offer tons of aesthetic options – so our customers really have a way to get the fireplace they want without sacrificing efficiency. It’s a great choice – and we run one in the store during the winter months — and it is a pleasure to use!

Valerie: I like singing, playing the piano, improvisational dance, hosting, and homesteading. I’m an advocate of life-long learning and take courses at our local colleges whenever the opportunity arises. We host an AirBnB in our off-grid home in Gilsum, NH, which is a great opportunity to showcase how comfortable and peaceful an off-grid home can be, and we meet people from around the world! Our house is surrounded by edible forest gardens, so in the summer, you’ll often find us outside gardening. Pablo: I try to grab a mountain bike ride whenever possible and in the winter months I try to get out backcountry skiing. I also love to cook on my pellet grill, dance to live music, and play my bass.


I joined the Green Energy Options team because it is a business that treats employees with appreciation and respect while also actively engaging in work that is beneficial for the environment.

I do a little of everything, but my focus areas tend to be customer service, tracking installation projects, billing, managing our B-Corp status and goals, and marketing.

The people at Green Energy Options are the best part of the job; the customers and the staff bring humor to my day and remind me to enjoy each moment.

In the summer my favorite product is the mini split that cools and dehumidifies the store, but in the winter it is the Hearthstone Mansfield wood stove that keeps my house warm.

I spend most of my free time playing music. I play sax and electric bass in multiple groups, so I am especially grateful that my colleagues at Green Energy Options are supportive of my performance schedule.

Green energy options Keene
Green Energy Options Keene


I have a family connection to the store! When my parents first opened Green Energy Options, I helped out occasionally, mostly just as back-up for store coverage. As the business has grown, I’ve tried to be more consistently connected. I love the team here, and it feels great to be a part
of the GEO mission.

I try to help out however I can! In the past, I generally helped in the showroom, working with customers to find the best heating option for their home. Now that I bring my baby to work, I’m more focused on working behind the scenes – on administration, store systems, and planning.

I really like the people at GEO, and I love working on store systems to help everything run more smoothly — and believe it or not, I like getting to work with my parents, too!

Since I know other people have already mentioned the mini-split heat pumps (which I live with and love!), I’ll go with the Rais wood stoves. It’s worth stopping into the store on a cold day just to see if the Rais Viva wood stove is running. The flame picture incredible — way better than tv!
If it’s not on, ask us to start it up – it’s always worth it.

These days, I’m busy with a 10 week old baby. But, I still find (some) time to play tennis, garden, and occasionally cook an outrageous, but hopefully delicious recipe.


After leaving the outdoor industry I decided that I wanted to work in the field of alternative

I work at the front desk – answering phones, greeting customers, making sure we have everything we need to complete customers’ jobs, and helping with the day-to-day running of the

I like it when I am able to help customers find the parts they are looking for, especially for older or less common stoves. My background is not in the hearth industry so it helps me learn more and can be a bit like solving a mystery.

The Greenville – Jotul F45 – this is the stove I burn at home and the one I am most likely to recommend because I love it! If it’s not on, ask us to start it up – it’s always worth it.

When I am not working at GEO I am often at the Before & Afterschool Program in Gilsum, volunteering, or teaching taekwondo. If I find any free time I enjoy hiking or reading a good

Green Energy Options Keene


After leaving the outdoor industry I decided that I wanted to work in the field of alternative energy.

I quote hearth and mini split jobs for our customers and work as a liaison between the installer and the homeowner during the installation process.

Helping people be more comfortable in their own home.

Jotul F 45 Greenville wood stove or Fujitstu 12k Btu single zone mini split system because they both represent the best value in their product class.

Work on my own house to make it more sustainable and comfortable. For fun, I enjoy bicycling and back country skiing.


 It was suggested  I apply by a former employee and I’m very glad they did.

Matching the right product to the right customer that will bring them years of joy and comfort.

The Roma Pellet Stover Insert.  I love the aesthetics and the warmth it provides!

I am a historical metal detectorist and avid hiker.

Green Energy Options Keene New Hampshire


As a newcomer to the region I was interested in working for a small, community oriented business with a focus on renewable energy. Green Energy Options was the perfect fit.

My role at Green Energy Options is a continually developing one, with my time split between selling and servicing wood and pellet stoves, assisting on the occasional solar installation, keeping up with the flow of business at our store, and helping out wherever needed. I truly value the opportunity to learn and grow in unexpected and rewarding ways.

To me, the best part of the job is going out on service calls and site visits. These mini road trips have helped me get to know the area, both through navigating country roads and getting to
meet our friendly customers.

My favorite retail product is our new Norsk masonry heater. Essentially, it’s a set of sculpted soapstone blocks that stack up to form an impressive display. The neatly aligned blocks give the stove a sort of monolithic appearance, and I can’t wait to see this work of art in a customer’s home.

When I’m not working, I can often be found playing music or taking my canoe out on one of the many lakes and rivers that make this area so special.


I joined Green Energy Options because I wanted to be part of a cohesive group dedicated to a shared vision and mission in line with my own values.

As part of the Green Energy Options (GEO) Solar team, I meet with homeowners and businesses to discuss their goals for energy independence. I walk customers through the initial solar site assessment and propose designs to meet their specific energy-saving needs. I work with other members of the GEO team to bring each PV proposal through to the completed installation. I have more than 2 decades of Solar and Energy efficiency contracting experience, including more than 100 residential solar installations. As an early entrepreneur, I manufactured innovative solar equipment, and managed energy efficiency consultative sales operations and I’ve been active in energy conservation implementation and public advocacy from New England to Florida.

I enjoy meeting and working with our customers. It’s satisfying to help them accomplish their goals and bring more renewable energy to our community.

PhotoVoltaics and new battery systems! A battery back-up system provides quiet and immediate power during power outages.

I love to snowboard and sail!